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GPA Meaning | GPA System in Bangladesh

GPA Meaning | GPA System in Bangladesh

GPA Meaning

GPA Meaning is Grade Point Average. It means the purpose you may have achieved in each course or commonplace. There are not any worldwide GPA requirements. It varies from county to nation and even varies between private and non-private universities of a nation. For instance, in Bangladesh, the GPA calculation system isn’t equal in North South University (Private) and Dhaka University (Public). Actually, in universities, it’s CGPA not GPA.

What is GPA, and What is the Benefits of It?

In right this moment’s world, kind of, all of us are conversant in the time period GPA. But fewer individuals know what GPA that means is. GPA reveals the tutorial efficiency of 1’s. It collected the general efficiency of the programs or topics in class or a program. Suppose, in a rustic the place GPA- 4 means Excellent, a pupil with GPA- 4 will get higher alternatives and benefits in the job sectors.

A pupil with GPA may also get extra alternatives in the faculties and universities. They additionally get alternatives to take high-level programs and admit into high faculties and universities the world over.

GPA System in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, two varieties of GPA programs can be found. One is GPA (Grade Point Average), and one other is CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average). There is a distinction between the college grading system and the college grading system.

Schools usually comply with the GPA system, and the colleges comply with the CGPA system. There are additionally variations in private and non-private universities’ grading programs. One other thing is that every one Private Universities don’t comply with the identical grading system.

Grading System in Schools and Colleges

Grading system in college and schools in Bangladesh is relatively simpler to know. If a pupil will get 80-100 marks, then she or he will get A plus. Then A grade is from 70-79. After that, 60-69 is for A minus grade. Then 50-59 is B grade. Below is the comparative chart for the GPA that means.

80-100 A+ 5.0
70–79 A 4.0
60-69 A- 3.5
50–59 B 3.0
40–49 C 2.0
33–39 D 1.0
0–32 F 0.0

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NU Grading System

To understand how the GPA system works, it’s important to know concerning the GPA that means. By understanding the GPA that means, additionally, you will get to learn about the advantages of this technique. After studying this text, we hope that you simply all are actually clear concerning the that means of GPA.

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